Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions

You might need help understanding your prescription coverage, or have questions about coverage.

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Which prescription drugs are covered by my plan?


Do generic drugs work the same?


What if I need specialty medications?


I spend a lot of time traveling in my car for work. Is it safe to keep my Lipitor 10mg in the glove compartment of my car?


I usually take my medication once daily in the morning. I was in a rush this morning and forgot to take it. Can I take it after work when I get home? Or should I wait until tomorrow?


I was recently diagnosed with depression. Am I going to have to take my medication forever?


I was recently prescribed the antibiotic amoxicillin. Will it affect my birth control pill?


I am taking Lipitor (atorvastatin) for cholesterol. The yellow sticker on my prescription vial says "avoid drinking grapefruit juice." Can one glass every morning affect my medication?


I am having trouble sleeping at night. Are there any over-the-counter medications used for sleep that I could try?


How do I know my blood pressure medication is working? I always take my blood pressure when I am waiting for my prescriptions at the pharmacy. I never know what the two numbers mean.


What is the difference between a brand-name and generic drugs?


Are generic drugs as effective as brand-name drugs?


Are generic drugs as safe as brand-name drugs?


Are generic drugs less expensive than brand-name drugs?


Is the more expensive brand-name drug better quality?


Who makes generic drugs?


Do all name-brand drugs have a generic?


How do I get a prescription for a generic medication?