Make Quality Pay Program

Be Better Benefits

YourCare Health Plan Rewards Program

Earn up to $125 - and other free resources - with the YourCare Be Better Benefits program!

The following benefits are available to all YourCare Health Plan members enrolled in the following health plans*:

  • YourCare Option (Medicaid Managed Care)
  • YourCare Option Plus
  • Child Health Plus
  • Essential Plan

Earn a $25 Gift Card When Your Child's 3-Year Old Well-Child Visit is Complete

Earn a $25 Gift Card When Your Child's Adolescent Well-Care Visit (Ages 11-13) is Complete

Earn a $25 Gift Card When You Complete Your Mammogram Screening (Women, Age 40+)

Earn a $25 Gift Card When You Complete Your Colon Cancer Screening (Men & Women, Age 50+)

Earn a $25 Gift Card When You Complete Your Diabetic Retinal Eye Exam with Your Eye Doctor

Earn a $25 Gift Card When You Complete Your Postpartum Visit with Your OB/GYN

Earn up to $200 in Free Diapers When You Participate in The Baby & Me Tobacco Free TM Program**

Quitting smoking is the single most important thing you can do to protect your health and the health of your baby.

**The Baby & Me Tobacco Free TM program is available to all Medicaid-eligible pregnant women in Monroe and Erie Counties. 

  • Attend four program visits with your OB/GYN while you are pregnant
  • Quit smoking and stay smoke-free during your pregnancy and first six months of your baby's life
  • Agree to take a breath test at every visit
  • Earn up to eight $25 vouchers for diapers

 Receive Free Resources when You Participate in the Healthy Beginnings Program

A healthy start for your baby is important and we want to help you get there.

  • FREE Baby Basics Book 
  • FREE What to Do When Your Child Gets Sick Book

Start earning YourCare Be Better Benefits today! Call our Case Management team to learn how to take advantage of YourCare Be Better Benefits at 1.844.337.7144 or TDD/TTY 711.

*​Participation in the YourCare Be Better Benefits is available to every YourCare member. Members can earn rewards as applicable to their circumstances. Gift cards cannot be converted to cash, and are prohibited for the use of purchasing alcohol and /or tobacco products


Diabetes Care Program

Are you looking for ways to improve your health and your life? One way to do so is by getting better control over your diabetes, so that you feel better. When you feel well, you can do more.  YourCare's Diabetes Care Program will send you periodic text messages to help you learn things you can do to make your health and your life better. To join, go to or text YOURCARE to 52046 and click on the link to enroll. Your better life is just a click away!* 

*You must enroll to receive text messaging from YourCare's Diabetes Care Program.  You can unsubscribe at any time. Message & data rates may apply according to your carrier's rate plan.

PCP Dental Incentive Program


There is a dental incentive plan for YourCare members 2-20 years of age. These members are required to receive a dental visit by their assigned dentist at least once per year.

The basic design of the program is for Healthplex to provide Primary Care Professionals such as yourself a listing of all members assigned to your office who have not had a dental visit in 2017. You will receive an incentive bonus of $5.00 for each member you see and recommend that they visit their dentist, and you will receive an additional $15.00 for each of those members who actually visit the dentist this calendar year.

When Healthplex receives a card from your office, a $5.00 incentive will immediately be set aside for you, and the receipt for the card will be entered into the Healthplex database. This will allow Healthplex to track how many doctors are responding to the program, and to track which members have gotten the referral portion of the card. It will also be the trigger for searching for dental visits to pay you the additional $15.00.  Your incentive bonus payment for this dental program will be paid out in the first quarter of 2018, once we are able to ascertain utilization for these members.

Both YourCare and Healthplex are extremely optimistic about this initiative.  In past years, it has proved to be a simple and timely way to improves this population's access to dental care, and we expect it will be successful this year as well.

We appreciate your cooperation. Should you have any questions regarding this program and how it operates, you may contact Clair Murphy, Government Outreach Associate at Healthplex, at 1.516.740.4810, or via email at


Make Quality Pay Program

At YourCare Health Plan, we believe you should be rewarded for helping patients live healthier. That’s why we’ve designed the Make Quality Pay Program (MQPP). To reward and recognize practitioners who provide high-quality, cost-effective care to their patients and submit accurate health data reflecting that care.

MQPP promotes a goal we all support: quality healthcare for individuals and families who are served by government-sponsored programs. YourCare Health Plan is committed to this incentive program and will work actively with you and your staff to help you realize its full potential.

As part of the MQPP YourCare offers the Healthy Beginnings Incentive Program that  rewards providers for the demonstration of quality care according to QARR/HEDIS standards.  The information that you provide enables us to follow our members from prenatal through postpartum care. 

Working together, we can promote healthier individuals and families.

For measure specific information please see the MQPP Measure & Tip Sheets:

Measure Sheet-Pediatric MQPP 

Measure Sheet-Multi Specialty MQPP 

Tip Sheet- Adolescent Preventive Care (NYS-APC)

Tip Sheet-Weight Assessment and Counseling for Nutrition and Exercise (WCC)

Committed to Your Success

YourCare Health Plan will generate monthly reports based on claim data, which provide practices with a scorecard to indicate progress.

If you’re concerned your practice doesn’t have the resources to participate in the program, we can help. YourCare Health Plan is committed to helping all participating practices through education and training programs, including:

  • Practice Outreach and Education Program. Leverages NYS Quality Measures that can be most effectively improved via support for and collaboration with primary care practices and providers. The program includes practice-specific data-analytical support, coding analysis/education, outreach and RN care coordination. The goal is to target and impact the preventive and follow-up visits that are most likely to improve members’ healthcare. This is achieved through a team approach, which includes a dedicated Certified Professional Coder (CPC), Quality Coordinator and RN Care Coordinator.

Rewards & Deadlines

YourCare Health Plan has successfully offered this program in other regions in upstate New York. The exact details of the program’s goals and bonuses will be reviewed with each participating practice and our staff will work closely with your practice to help you attain a reward.

Organizationally, we have recognized Primary Care Providers in the Western NY and Finger Lakes Region with three million dollars in Quality Incentive awards. 

2017 MQPP Deadlines
The MQPP measurement period for 2017 is January 1, 2017, through December 31, 2017, and the final due date for all 2017 performance data will be April 30, 2018.

Have more questions?

For more information, please contact our Quality Matters team. We’ll schedule a meeting to review the program in more detail and discuss the potential bonus reward for your practice.

Quality Matters Team