Disease Management

Disease Management

We have a free program to help your patients improve their Cardiac Illness, Asthma, and Diabetes. 

YourCare Health Plan nurses and other staff help to improve the health and management of your patient’s chronic condition by:

  • Providing access to assistance, education, and support that are free of charge.
  • Providing tips for balancing healthy eating, daily activity, and medications.
  • Assisting in access of 1:1 service with our staff and their doctors to get questions answered.
  • Assisting in setting healthy goals and supporting the member while he or she achieves them.
  • Our free programs and educational materials are designed to help people with specific chronic conditions.
  • The member asks the questions and our staff helps to find the answers and to figure out what works best for the individual.

Our nurses and outreach workers are here to help members meet their health care goals. Some common questions that we can help members get answers to are:

  • What causes symptoms to be worse at home or outside of the member’s home?
  • Is the member using their medications and inhalers the right way?
  • When should the member contact their doctor about their symptoms?
  • What questions should the member be asking their doctor?
  • Does the member need to talk with their primary doctor about seeing a specialist?
  • Why is it important to see their doctor even if there are no problems right now?

Our staff is awaiting your referral, call 844.337.7144 or email triage@yourcarehealthplan.com.

Disease Management Practitioner Information