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What is YourCare Health Plan?


Which Counties does YourCare Serve?



Please read the questions and answers below if you have other questions about your health insurance, ID cards or what to do if you feel sick. 

Who can I call if I have questions about my health insurance?


What if I move or have a new phone number?


My doctor’s name is not on my ID card or is not correct on my ID card.


Where can I go if I feel sick when the doctor’s office is closed?


I have a Medicaid Managed Care plan. When do I need to call my DSS caseworker?


What if I don’t have transportation to my medical appointment?


What can I do if I am not happy about my services?



Can I make a Child Health Plus payment online?


Does YourCare accept Child Health Plus payments over the phone?


How can I pay my Child Health Plus premium?



How do I contact YourCare if I need help?


As a member, will I receive a handbook or a newsletter?


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