YourCare Health Plan Updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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YourCare Health Plan is monitoring COVID-19 developments on a daily basis. Our corporate Chief Medical Officer (CMO) is working to ensure that we are prepared to assist our members.

We have a comprehensive incident management plan in place to help ensure we will deliver coverage to our members and services to our providers without interruption.

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Attention Members. New Coronavirus Cyber Scam - That Works!

There is a new coronavirus scam related to contact tracing. Contact tracing is an important piece in the fight against coronavirus. Contact tracing is when public health officials call people who have tested positive for coronavirus and find out where they have been, so they can warn others who may have been in the same area. These health officials may first send a text letting you know to expect a call.   

According to the Federal Trade Commission, however, while public health officials may send a text message prior to a phone call, they will never include a link. Don't click any links in a contact tracing text message! The malicious links immediately download malware onto your device or take you to a phishing website asking for personal data or a password. The below image from the FTC illustrates a malicious text.
Also, if you get a call from a contact tracer, they will never ask you for money or your Social Security Number, bank account information, or credit card number.

Stay safe!