Making Quality Pay Program—Quality Matters

At YourCare Health Plan, we believe you should be rewarded for helping patients live healthier. That’s why we designed the Make Quality Pay Program (MQPP):  To reward and recognize practitioners who provide high-quality, cost-effective care to their patients. MQPP promotes a goal we all support: quality healthcare for individuals and families who are served by government-sponsored programs.
Working together, we can promote healthier individuals and families!
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Dr. Joseph A. Stankaitis talks about why you should take a look at Child Health Plus if you have a high deductible, employer sponsored plan.

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YourCare Health Plan’s Chief Medical officer weighed in on “No Safe Level of Lead” on 13-WHAM.
Dr. Joseph A. Stankaitis talked with Patrice Walsh about the importance of lead testing. 
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Our very own Kim Hess appeared on News 8 WROC Rochester to share why we’re so excited to now be available in the Rochester region. She discussed our expansion into Monroe County and surrounding areas and its impact on the health of our communities!

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When it comes to health care you and your family deserve high quality doctors, specialists, one on one care, with YourCare Health Plan you can get that and so much more. Dr. Joseph A. Stankaitis urges people to sign up for health insurance and to use the benefits available.

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YourCare Health Plan’s Chief Medical officer was featured on Buffalo’s WBKW-TV.
Dr. Joseph A. Stankaitis talked with Linda Pellegrino about Eating Right .

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 It’s never to late to begin working on healthier nutrition. YourCare offers five tips that will help you move in the right direction:

1. Take the time to plan your meals

2. Know what your eating by reading labels

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water

4. Don’t deprive yourself but find the healthy choice

5. Stay active 

To support your healthier lifestyle check out these websites:

How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label

List Your Weekly Meals

Tips to help you eat fruits

Feed Your Head: Cravings Quenchers

Getting Active

Find out more about the YourCare Health Plan by looking at our web site. Helpful information about YourCare Option, a managed Medicaid product, Essential Plan, and Child Health Plus can be found by clicking here.


YourCare Health Plan’s Chief Medical officer was featured on Buffalo’s WKBW-TV. Dr. Joseph A. Stankaitis talked with Linda Pellegrino  about 
Diabetes Awareness and Education.

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It’s a frightening fact that 8 Million people in the United States have Diabetes and don’t know it. YourCare offers tips for individuals to prevent  diabetes and child a healthy lifestyle:
  • Healthy eating: Dr. Stankaitis relayed that limiting the amount of starchy foods that you take in is a great step to lowing your risk.
  • Quit smoking: Dr. Stankaitis says that quitting smoking will not only lower your risk for Diabetes it will lower your risk for other serious health conditions such as Lung Cancer.
  • Lower your blood pressure: Dr. Stankaitis warned that Diabetes and High Blood Pressure combined can cause troubles for kidneys down the road. 

Diabetes is a complicated condition that can be prevented.
Test for Diabetes  

  • Glucose Tolerance Test– a fasting blood test that measures how well your body is able to break down glucose or sugar.
  • Hemoglobin A1C– Non fasting and can give your doctor an idea of what your glucose levels are doing.

Dr. Stankaitis informed us that Type II Diabetes is being diagnosed at younger ages; even late teens and early 20’s. 


Dr. Stankaitis spoke of an evidence based program called the National Diabetes Prevention Program that has proven to lower the risk of diabetes by 70%. The program consists of lifestyle change. By  reducing 7% of the total body fat a person can reverse or delay the onset of Type II Diabetes. 

For more information on the National Diabetes Prevention Program visit the CDC website or the   American Diabetes Association. To locate a program near you click here.

Dr. Stankaitis’ biggest tip: Don’t make preventing diabetes overwhelming. Make small changes, they add up over time.  



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Dr. Joe Stankaitis, MD, MPH talking about Childhood Obesity Awareness and Education

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YourCare Health Plan cares about Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Joe Stankaitis, MD, MPH talking about Breast Cancer Awareness